Three steps to change the world!


EDRCOIN is a cryptocurrency that allows you to make a profit on it AND change the world at the same time!




EDRCOIN — decentralized cryptocurrency of the new age!


EDRCoin aims to change the world and environment for the better, help humanity move from the philosophy of consumerism to the conscious consumption of resources.

Open Code

Cryptocurrency with an open source code

The idea of EDRCoin is to create a universal payment system with a stable exchange rate related to the US Dollar exchange rate

You can check the working algorithm of EDRCoin blockchains here

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Advantages of the Proof-of-Stake system


Download a wallet and install it on your PC or smartphone

android wallet

Android Wallet

Mobile Wallet does not produce coins. EDRCoin Mobile Wallet allows you to manage your coins without carrying a full-size blocks on your mobile phone. This saves valuable space on your Android device and allows you to use your coins anywhere.


Paper Wallet

Blockchain is a client-side online wallet. It allows you to get an access to your EDRCoin via internet using an electrum-like 12 word seed.

Windows wallet

Windows wallet

Windows Wallet is fully win32-based online wallet. It allows you to get an access to your EDRCoin, all wallet’s functions and make transactions. Choose it if you’re using Windows OS on your laptop or PC.

Linux wallet

Linux wallet

Linux Wallet is an online wallet, which allows you to use all EDRC’s functions. You can get an access to your EDRCoin, make transactions, view statistics and use it anywhere.

EDRC info

All information about EDRC

Here you can find EDRC Media Kit, all media information, photos, videos, marketing visuals, articles.

ios wallet

Mac OS X Wallet

OS X Wallet is Mac application, client-side wallet. You can get an access to your EDRCoin, manage it (making transactions) and make standard operations. If you’re using OS X, you’d better choose this wallet. You also need to get ready for having some free space for blocks on your HDD.



Buy EDRC on P2P Exchange or use exchangers!

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Change the world

Now you know, how to change the world!